Two Stubborn Goats English Tales For Child

Two Stubborn Goats Tale

Once upon a time, there lived two stubborn goats in a remote village. These goats start grazing every day from morning to night, and they’ll go mountain-high until the evening. They found fresh grass at the top, drank from the clear rivers of the village. But both goats were stubborn. One was on one side of the river and the other was on the other. They always watch each other’s movements, always they make a movement that goes against each other.

One day, one of the goats decided to go away from the other goat and find fresh flowers and another clear river. Started to walk from one end of the river… Does the other stubborn goat ever stop when he sees him? So he started out saying I’d find fresher herbs and flowers.

They’re gone, and the two goats are stubbornly unwilling to stop. They went up the top of the mountains because I’d go to the hills and find the best part of the river. The goats that came to the birthplace of the river didn’t intend to give up their stubbornness.

The river was flowing so fast here, nothing could stop in front of the river’s waters. So the villagers built a small bridge here from the wood they cut off from the mountain. One goat was standing at one end of the bridge and the other at the other end, and after a while, one of the goats crossed the bridge and asked to eat from the grass there. When he got to the head of the bridge, the other stubborn goat headed for the bridge. So he started walking off the bridge because I was going to cross the street.

After a while, they went head-to-head on this narrow bridge. Neither of them had a way of getting through. One had to give way to the other. Of course, do our two stubborn goats ever give way to each other? They started to argue…

One of the goats said i came to the bridge to cross, so you’re going to give me a way. If it’s the other stubborn goat, let’s go from there to the bridge first, I won’t give you a way. He said, “Get out, I’m going to pass.”

When they both didn’t give way to each other, they started fighting… They both backed off and ran towards each other and hit each other with their horns. They slapped their horns so hard that both stubborn goats lost their balance and rolled off the bridge. As they tried to struggle and escape after falling into the raging waters of the river, they both thought how wrong it was to be stubborn.

As the two stubborn goats got caught up in the raging waters of the river, they wished they hadn’t persisted, but it’s too late.

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